Wednesday, November 6, 2013

William T. Hornaday, Some Corrections

William T. Hornaday and The Most Defiant Devil got something of a nice write up here and I thank the author Forrest Whitman and the poster Aaron Storms for doing so. Still to correct two minor points. First, Hornaday could be most welcome in the halls of power, especially Congress. He testified on several occasions, and never failed to find sponsors for his bills, or powerful allies in the House or Senate.  Second, while Hornaday could be abrasive and downright rude with those whom he disagreed, he was also a very affable, charming, and gregarious person with a ready smile and great sense of humor. He formed many friendships that lasted for decades, but these were mostly with individuals outside the conservation movement. Those inside the conservation movement, on the other hand, felt the sting of his frequent loyalty tests and demands for policy purity.

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